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Following Hurricane Matthew's Footprint

Following Hurricane Matthew's Footprint

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Wednesday, October 12, 2016/Categories: natural history, sustainability, art and design, environment

    Hurricane Matthew's Water Footprint Map (credit: US Geological Survey)

The US Geological Survey has complied data from Hurricane Matthew. The agency has created a visualization of its path, rainfall amounts, the impacts of water the extreme weather produced.

According to the USGS, their data map illustrates the hurricane’s impact on precipitation and streamflow volume along the storm's path. Water discharged (in cubic feet/second) at gaging stations within ~90 miles of the hurrican's eye is shown on the right panel. Variation in the shape of the animated hydro-graphs (right) is due to stream size, storm-surge, reservoir closures, and other local conditions which can impact the effect of storm precipitation on water flow.

The big-data visualization of the storm's path, rainfall meaurements, and water impacts is here.



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