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Hurricane Matthew Barrels On

Hurricane Matthew Barrels On

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Tuesday, October 4, 2016/Categories: natural history, photography, environment, climate change

                                Hurricane Matthew Crosses Haiti, 10-4-16 (credit: NASA)

Hurricane Matthew slammed Haiti today as a Category-4 storm with winds approaching 150 mph and dumping up to 40 inches of rainfall on the island. It is the strongest hurricane to hit the poor and deforested country in over 50 years and extensive damage can be predicted. Matthew is now heading towards Cuba, the Bamahas, and the eastern coastline of the US on an inexact path.

Using 'big data' gathered and analyzed so far, graphic storm visualizations have been produced by NOAA and NASA, In one visual, predicted by standard climate change models, is atmospheric capacity to carry increased water vapor as storms pass over warming oceans. Storms like Matthew, and the one that hit Louisiana in September, are showing the rainfall consequences of these predictions.


   Matthew Water Vapor Content (credit: NASA-Goddard)        Potential Matthew Stormpath (credit: NOAA & the BBC)

Expect to hear a good deal more about atmospherica carrying capacity in the future.



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