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Snow Red

Snow Red

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Friday, September 2, 2016/Categories: natural history, space science, environment, adventure


Wherever mountains occur, white snow typically covers the highest elevations. However, On Pluto the snows are red.

According to NASA, images acquired from the New Horizons probe during its fly-by of Pluto in July 2015 show that methane falls as snow on the dwarf planet's peaks.

In the latest photographs of Pluto:

"the mountains are revealed to be snowcapped but their composition indicates the bright material covering the mountains is made of atmospheric methane that has condensed as frost.  Between some of the mountains are sharply cut valleys, each a few miles across and tens of miles long. Other valleys appears to be branched, with smaller valleys leading into them and could have been created by flowing ice glaciers that once covered the area."

Pluto continues to reveal geomorphological processes remarkably similar to those on Earth even if the active materials, including red methane snow and ice, are so different



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