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Murray Buttes, 360

Murray Buttes, 360

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Tuesday, August 23, 2016/Categories: natural history, video, space science, environment, adventure

                          Curiosity Rover investigates the Murray Buttes, 8-5-2016 (credit: JPL)

The Curiosity rover has produced a 360-panorama of its investigations at the Murry's Buttes on Mars, a landscape that could almost be anywhere in Arizona, Utah, or New Mexico. According to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at CalTech:

The panorama combines more than 130 images taken on by the rover's Mastcam on the 4th anniversary of Curiosity's landing. The flat-topped mesa seen to the left of robotic arm is about 300 feet from the rover and stands ~50 feet tall. The horizontal ledge near the top of the mesa is about 200 feet across and the a portion of Mount Sharp appears on the horizon.

The buttes and mesas rising above this landscape are eroded remnants of ancient sandstone that originated when winds deposited sand after Mount Sharp formed. Murray Buttes are capped by material that is resistant to erosion, just as is similar to many shaped buttes and mesas on Earth.



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