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Extreme Rains & Floods

Extreme Rains & Floods

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Monday, August 15, 2016/Categories: space science, sustainability, environment, climate change

               Catastrophic Rainfall and Flooding, Louisiana (NOAA radar and rain gauge data, 8-14-16)

Parts of Louisiana received two months worth of rain in one day this past weekend. The oceanic and atmospheric agency NOAA predicts catastrophic rains will continue to fall there in Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Illinois, and elsewhere in the southeast and mid-west from continued extreme weather. If you'd experienced such rain, you might ask: "what is going on here?".

NOAA just released several satellite infrared and radar maps showing the extraordinary levels of rain and the reasons why all the precipitation and flooding is occurring.


                      Moisture Levels in Atmosphere (credit: NOAA infrared map, 8-14-12)

An exceptional level of water vapor in the atmosphere is producing the rain. This is casued by high temperatures in the Pacific Ocean creating temperature anomalies. Higher water temperatures allow more moisture to evaporate into a warmer atmosphere and be available to drive storm events. 


                                    Eastern Pacific Ocean Temperature Anomalies  (credit: NOAA, 8-13-16)

The extreme weather is being documented by various TV organizations like the BBC:

One researcher noted climate change has altered what were once normal by saying:

"these extreme events are more likely to happen now with the heating of the planet and somewhere between Missouri and New York is about to get a whole lot more water…"



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