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Love a Tree Day

Love a Tree Day

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Tuesday, May 17, 2016/Categories: natural history, wildlife conservation, sustainability, environment, plants

                                      Restored Native Dry-forest Trail (credit: SWP Media)

Like many, you probably forgot it was National Love a Tree Day this week. The National Wildlife Federation reminds us of this calendar fact. The NWF suggests you go and hug a tree and be sure your neighbors can see this act of reverence. If that seems a bit more for school kids, perhaps several other simple acts are suitable:

make sure the trees in your garden receive ample water for good growth; plant new trees somewhere near you on a degraded hillside; learn the native trees that grow in your region; adopt a tree and record its biology over an entire year; or install birdhouses to attract local birds into your area.

Trees add beauty to any enviroment, provide wildlife habitat, and moderate the climate. Like everything else biological they need a little love as well.



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