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Monterey Bay Aquarium and Sea Otters

Monterey Bay Aquarium and Sea Otters

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Monday, March 7, 2016/Categories: natural history, wildlife conservation, video, marine mammals, sustainability, environment

                            Sea Otter Mom and Pup (credit: US Fish & Wildlife Service)

Monterey in northern California is a famous for its museum which is solely devoted to ocean and marine life education. Located directly on Monterey Bay, the aquariums facilities attract worldwide visitors. While its public exhibits are the most visible parts of institution, a research institute, MBARI, conducts critical investigations on marine life and environmental changes along the California coast.

Tide pools outside the building are a popular place to easily view sea otters without disturbing them. The furry marine mammals, protected since the early 20th Century, were once nearly extinct from over-hunting for the fur trade. They still remain a threatened species. Over the past weekend, museum visitors were given a surprise when a pregnant female otter gave birth to a pup in one of the protected pools. It was captured by this MARBI video:




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