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Swimming Pigs...Cute but Still Feral

Swimming Pigs...Cute but Still Feral

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Monday, February 22, 2016/Categories: video, environment

                                    Swimming pigs, the Bahamas (credit: Care2)

Invasive species whether they be cane toads, Burmese pytons, lionfish, zebra mussels, or pigs create serious problems for ecosystems where they are not native. A colony of feral pigs has now become established on Big Major Cay in the Bahamas where they swim about taking handouts from tourists.

The pigs may have been intentionally released as a future food source by sailors or could have been accidentally released by a boat crash. While Bahamian officials proclaim the swimming pigs are good for tourism it is likely they are creating a variety of unmentioned environmental problems. On islands like Hawaii, where pigs have long been feral, the Bahamian critters are foraging about the uninhabited island eating anything they can root out. They could also be eating eggs of ground-nesting birds and beach-nesting sea turtles. 

Cute and adorable are not appropriate names for the swimming pigs but maybe hunters (or sharks) will find a new candidate to target when big "tuskers" start appearing in the feral population.



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