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'el Jefe', the Jaguar

'el Jefe', the Jaguar

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Saturday, February 6, 2016/Categories: natural history, wildlife conservation, video, environment

Jaguar's are large rainforest cats from Latin American but their traditional range can extend into the USA.

For the first time, conservationists with the Center for Biological Diversity have videoed one of the spotted felines wandering in mountains of southern Arizona. According to the Center, the young jaguar has been photographed more than 100 times by camera traps in the Santa Rita mountains, less than 30 miles from Tucson. The wild jaguar has been nicknemaed, el Jefe or "the chief" in Spanish, and this is the first film to be captured:

Conservation plans are being proposed to protect these large cats in their new Arizona habitat. Even though they are solidary animals, hopefully a restored population of the beautiful hunters will emerge in this northernmost of their once extensive range.



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