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Bamiyan Buddhas Restored Digitally

Bamiyan Buddhas Restored Digitally

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Sunday, January 10, 2016/Categories: video, art and design

                 The Buddhas of Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan in 1963 and 2008  (credit: Wikipedia)

Afghanistan has always been a crossroads with influences arriving from every direction of the compass. 2500 years ago, Alexander the Great and his armies occupied the mountainous country leaving classic Greek designs as well as European genetics still visible in the faces of Afghanistan's diverse peoples. Monks from India arriving later after the Buddhas death built monestaries and carved gigantic Buddhas in the sandstone walls of the Bamiyan Valley. One Chinese traveller in the 3rd or 4th Century AD saw the statues dominating the Bamiyan Valley in complete condition and wrote they sparkled at sunset from all their embedded jewels and gold leaf. Islamic architecture arrived to Afghanistan in the 7th Century.

During the destructive rein of the taliban, Afghanistan's pre-Islamic cultural heritage was damaged and the Buddhas that still stood over Bamiyan were destoryed. Now a team of international archaeologists, digtial media producers, and a Chinese businessman recreated a restoration of the lost Buddhas with a holographic projection.


                              Bamiyan Buddha Holographic Projection, Bamiyan, Afghanistan 2015

A video shows the 'work in progress' and the first projections a Bamiyan Buddha as it might have appeared to a traveller to Afghanistan 2000 years ago:

It is unclear if other relics from Afghanistan's cultural heritage will receive such attention but the digital restoration projected a beacon on the issue.



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