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NASA given $55 million to accelerate 'space habitat' research

NASA given $55 million to accelerate 'space habitat' research

A 2016 bill instructs the agency to look into sustaining human life during space exploration.

Author: Trevor Quirk/Wednesday, December 30, 2015/Categories: space science, adventure

A passed omnibus spending bill instructs NASA to intensify its development of a space module that could sustain human life for extended periods. The directive is an obvious anticipation of NASA's visit to Mars, hopefully in the 2030s. NASA would likely first test the module in cislunar space in the 2020s.

With Congress's somewhat vague and optimistic directions -- i.e. "NASA shall develop a prototype deep space habitation module within the advanced exploration systems program no later than 2018." -- and NASA not yet being required to outline how they will spend the $55 million, it's up to our imaginations what this module could resemble!

Corrective: (For some reason, many news sites are linking to the actual bill document, which does not contain the quoted language above. You can find that report (a decent, comprehensible summary of the bill) here.)

Image credit: Boeing.

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