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What Are the Best Policies to Solve Climate Change?

What Are the Best Policies to Solve Climate Change?

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Wednesday, December 16, 2015/Categories: sustainability, environment, climate change

                          Energy Solutions Flow Model (credit: Energy Innovation)

What would be the best policies to help solve climate change? That's a pretty important question for everyone.

According to the Policy Solutions an organization focusing on climate change, clean energy, and sustainability: 

"Designing energy policy correctly is tough work. Well-designed policies can reduce pollution, cut consumer costs, and minimize dependence on foreign supplies. Done wrong, bad energy policy can do the reverse, and increase pollution, lock in dirty technologies, and waste money." 

To help answer the question of 'best policies' to cut greenhouse gases and their costs, they have constructed a simulator that can test various models. You can try out the Energy Policy Simulator: here .

Maybe you'll come up with the best policy for the USA.




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