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Grevillea, Plant of the Month

Grevillea, Plant of the Month

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Thursday, May 9, 2019/Categories: natural history, photography, environment, plants


                  Grevillea cv. 'Robyn Gordon', Western Australia (credit: SWP Media)

Australia has a rich heritage of indigenous plants stretching back to the era of ancient Gondwanaland. This plant biodiversity offers many candidates that could easily be a 'plant of the month' candidate.

The island continent is particularly rich in members of the Protea family (Proteacease) including Hakea, Banksia, Isopogon, and Grevillea with many species restricted to tiny distribution ranges---sometimes known only from a single mountain top. Grevilleas are entirely indigenous to Australia with over 350 species known so far. The flower head typically has the individual flowers grouped in a loose radiating bundle of stamens to attract pollinators, particularly native Australian birds. Two Grevilleas were seen growing in Western Australia where some of the most restricted endemic species are located.

              Grevillea manglesii   &  Olive Grevillea ( Grevillea olivacea ), Australia (credit: SWP Media)

A reference book for nearly 2000 native Australian plants and trees would be: Native Plants: The Definitive Guide To Australian Plants




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