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A Blue Whale in Paris

A Blue Whale in Paris

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Tuesday, December 8, 2015/Categories: wildlife conservation, marine life, sustainability, art and design, environment, climate change

                            Bluebell, the Blue Whale (credit: ART-COP21 )

An art installation of a whale has appeared along in Paris to focus attention on the oceans for the UN climate meetings. As as largest mammal on Earth, the blue whale along the Seine is a powerful symbol to raise awareness of biodiversity, the protection of species, and the critical issue of ocean acidification.

                                                       Blue Whale, California (credit: NOAA)

Called A Gift for the Earth, the whale installation is part of ART-COP21 that helps bring more attention to environmental issues that may not directly be addressed by the Paris negotiations aiming to limit CO2 emissions. According to the organizers,

"the objective of the Blue Whale Project is to provide keys to understanding the challenges facing the planet and act for the environment. Visitors to the installation can enter the whale to discover a multimedia exhibition. The Blue Whale, speaks on behalf of all living beings, alerts visitors to the deterioration of the oceans, and our biodiversity. It will focus on the positive contributions and tracks used to save it."

Surprisingly, ocean issues are considered more of a "sideline" matter at the climate negotiations. To help raise more awareness, two well known environmental researchers, Sylvia Earle and Jane Goodall, are making a Tapestry of Hope presentation sponsored by the Mission Blue Alliance and the National Geographic Society.

As life on Earth depends on healthy oceans and whales, reefs, and anyone who depends on the seas need all the concern they can receive.



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