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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

CO2 Maps show Polluting Countries

CO2 Maps show Polluting Countries

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Tuesday, November 17, 2015/Categories: natural history, video, space science, sustainability, environment, climate change

                   Carbon Dioxide Sources (credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

Increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is driving changes to the Earth’s climate system. Important questions remain as to how the emissions get absorbed by land and seas. NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center used supercomputer models to create maps that provide a better understanding of CO2's role in the changing climate. 

The ocean’s absorb significant amounts of CO2 and heat. This creates increased levels of carbonic acid that is harmful for marine life, particularly at key lower levels in the ocean food chain. The oceans may not be able to continue absorbing CO2 because rising water temperatures negatively affect the ability of phyto-plankton to grow. An animation of NASA supercomputer data illustrates this bad situation.

The new NASA maps clearly show which regions are contributing the most carbon pollution to the atmosphere. The delegates who will attend the UN climate conference in Paris have lots of work to do before this changes.


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