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World Parliament of Religions, II: Pictures from the Exhibition

World Parliament of Religions, II: Pictures from the Exhibition

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Saturday, October 17, 2015/Categories: photography, sustainability, art and design, environment

              Native American Inspired Environmental Designs, Parliament of World Religions  (credit: Riled Up)

The Parliament of World Religions has brought together 10,000 people, from 80 nations, and over 50 religious backgrounds in Salt Lake City, Utah to discuss issues relevant to all of their traditions. The gathering was festive with exhibitions, music, interfaith dialog, a food court, and an art show with films and performances scattered among the myriad of speakers. Important environmental issues, particularly climate change, were a keynote theme throughout the Parliament and a concluding declaration will be presented at the UN climate negotiations this December in Paris.. There are a few selections of visual elements observed over the five day event:

 Drepung Monastery monks creating a sand mandala    Sikh musicians performing at
lunch  (credit: Riled Up)

A Contemplative temple with Buddha water pond          International hand-printed peace flags (credit: Riled Up)

                 A Sikh community donated lunch room ( langar ) for conference attendees  (credit: Riled Up)


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