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Rainfall Calculator

Rainfall Calculator

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Friday, October 9, 2015/Categories: natural history, sustainability, environment, climate change

                                Flooding after Extreme Rains (credit: NOAA) )

Original scientific models of when climate change impacts would become recognizable predicted extreme weather events such as severe rainfall, tornadoes, and blizzards would increase in frequency and severity. The "once in a 1000 year" rainfall event which occurred in the southeastern US recently could easily represent an example of this prediction unfolding.

                          Percent  Increase in Heavy Downpours, 1958-2011   (credit: Climate Central)
Prior to the North and South Carolina deluge  Climate Central , the climate research monitor, had developed an interactive calculator from 65 years of gathered rainfall data to illustrate trends. You can view the number and intensity of rain events beginning in the 1950's running through the 2010's either by clicking each decade or automatically with the arrow on the interactive national graphic.

The intensity patterns become obvious from the data visualization. More extreme rain storms are likely to follow.


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