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New video technology depicts vast complexity of mouse brain

Whether you get a sense of the brain's complexity or the bounds in science visualization, watching this video is captivating

Author: Trevor Quirk/Tuesday, August 25, 2015/Categories: video

This short video was created using a technology called VAST, a nano-scale imaging program detailed in a new paper put out in Cell. What makes this video so confounding is that it depicts a complexity many people didn't know existed at the nano-scale, in a particularly small piece of neural tissue.

As Emily Underwood, a staff writer at Science, writes: "Scientists are running out of superlatives to describe the complexity of the brain’s billions of brain cells and estimated 100 trillion connections. And it gets more daunting every time their view of the brain gets more detailed." Even the admittedly rare attempt of science communicators to highlight the titanic scope of ignorance regarding the human brain is commendable.


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