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Danger Days are a comin'

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Friday, August 14, 2015/Categories: natural history, sustainability, environment, climate change

Danger Days sounds like the hit title of a new country song. Sadly this isn't music but a calculation of the number of days where the  heat index  makes going outside oppressive and when physical activity can be a risky business. According to NOAA : a "danger day" occurs when the combination of heat and humidity makes it feel like the temperature is 105°F or hotter. Warming temperatures are starting to push American cities into weather regimes where danger days will happen with more regularity.

Climate Central , a nonprofit organization that analyzes and reports on climate science, has developed an interactive infographic allowing you to determine your city and its potential for  danger days  compared to  measured temperature histories:

The new weather map doesn't make for very "pretty music" at all


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