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Compassionate Turtles

Compassionate Turtles

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Wednesday, June 20, 2018/Categories: natural history, wildlife conservation, video, marine life, sustainability, environment

From time to time, a group of Tibetan monks in exile pass through my city. They create complicated paintings of sand, visit people in hospice care to perform a solemn chant, and give lectures on living a compassionate life. The monks often speak about environmental matters and inform their listeners that animals are 'sentient beings' like themselves. Anyone who lives with a dog or a cat certainly understands their animal companions have senses they don't understand. For other creatures this becomes more of a challenge to appreciate.

A remarkable video was captured in a wildlife enclosure where a tortoise helped his overturned friend---who would have died from suffocation---to become properly righted.

In humans, the selfless act by the turtle would represent a perfect example of 'compassion in action'. Animal behavior and psychology research is an ever-expanding field. Perhaps the researchers should ask the monks to give them some of their insights on animals.



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