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Environmental Warriors, 2

Environmental Warriors, 2

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Thursday, June 18, 2015/Categories: wildlife conservation, environment

                           Prince Harry of Wales (credit: Wiki-commons)

This has been a week of individuals standing up with environmental concerns. First, a native American teenager, next a highly respected and informed pastor, and now a young military officer

Captain Wales, better know as  Prince Harry of Wales  , has left a distinguished career in the British army, having served tours in Afghanistan and elsewhere, to now concentrate on African wildlife protection.  Prince Harry  will be working directly with wildlife patrols on "front line conservation projects" in Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Botswana. He will bring much needed attention to a new battlefield.

Working thru the Zoological Society of London and his family's conservation foundationUnited for Wildlife , Prince Harry will see first-hand what is required to control wildlife poaching for elephant ivory and rhino horns. His presence with the field patrols will showcase the hard work necessary to control the illicit wildlife trade and he definitely deserves a "Good on'ya, Harry" salute.

It has been a good week for people with environmental concerns showcased by a teenager, an informed pastor, and now a military commander. No political parties have so far stepped up to join these environmental "warriors".


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