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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Why Is It So Lame to Love Plants?

Why Is It So Lame to Love Plants?

Author: Reilly Capps/Tuesday, May 19, 2015/Categories: sustainability

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If there is an ant on your floor, your don't hesitate to crush it. Even the Dalai Lama -- the Left's Pope -- says he squashes bugs when they annoy him. 

Another religious sect based in India takes a different approach. Some Jains walk fanning a peacock feather in front of them, swishing away insects, sparing their lives. This can seem silly to most of us; who cares about squashing a bug? But what if you looked at from the bug's point of view: if Godzilla walked on tiptoes among the Japanese, they would have worshipped him as a god. 

Plants support our our society like joists on the floor. Usually, things that support us are given great respect: our parents, our foundations, our institutions. Are we giving enough respect to plants? 

Some signs might be worrying: 

- We have outlawed some plants. Totally banned them. Made nature illegal. 

- We are burning dead plants. Oil fields are the cemeteries of dead plants and animals.  Is it a bit disrespectful to dig them up just to burn them? And ... weird? If billions of chimps, rhinos, dolphins and orangutans suddenly died tomorrow and fell into a great heap, and we realized we could generate electricity by burning all of their corpses, would we do it? It seems too weird and gross. So why do we burn billions of animals and plants as oil? Is it just because tehy have been dead for millions of years? Does the passage of time change things that much? Why? 

- We don't seem to pay attention to the plants that we have. The greatest successes of the environmental movement have been about polar bears, condors and dodos. But plants are dying off, too. And trying to protect them -- even love them -- gets you laughed at. Tree-hugger is an insult. Why? 

Jains will kill plants. To live, we have to eat plants. But they revere them, too. They think that plants, just like insects, have a soul. 

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