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Re-photography, Nepal

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Thursday, April 30, 2015/Categories: photography, environment

Re-photography is a powerful tool often used in field research to compare long-term environmental changes.
With the massive earthquake that hit Nepal recently, re-photography offers another way to compare the damage inflicted by the 7.8 earthquake and aftershocks. It can be useful in reconstructions of damaged buildings.

Here are two photographs taken from the famous area in old Kathmandu, Bhaktapur taken in the 1990's and this week for comparison:

                          Bhaktapur, Nepal  c1993  (credit: Jake Norton, Mountain World Photography )

                                              Bhaktapur, Nepal  April 2015  (credit: Voice of America )

Jenah Kessel, a travel photographer for the New York Times captured produced a curated video to provide his impressions of a complicated, beautiful, and ancient city before the ground shook. The journalist intended his video as a "postcard" from a city he found wondrous as others have before him.


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