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Intelligent Designers

Intelligent Designers

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Thursday, October 3, 2019/Categories: video, sustainability, art and design, environment, climate change, Archive Pick of the Week

Micro-hydro Turbines for City Water Pipes (credit: Lucid Energy)

Alternative energy technologies including solar, wind, wave power, and hydro-electricity as well as design efficiency offer huge commercial and job opportunities for sustainability energy production and reduce carbon dioxide air pollution in the process. A fine example of this was highlighted by a report about an Oregan company, Lucid Energy, that has developed an innovative approach to harvesting the latent energy in any municipal water supply system. By installing micro-hydro turbines in Portland's water utility's pipes, 'intelligent designers' have provided a unique way of replacing electricity generated by an aging coal-fired power plant in the city. The Lucid system simply requires people to turn on their faucets at home, office, or school.

Creative designers are essential to develop technologies that can replace coal-fired power generation without disrupting lifestyles, trade, or the environment. The Portland system have been so successful Lucid is now expanding to other cities. Here's how their system works:

This is one activity the hipsters of Portlandia can't joke about and it should be copied across America.




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