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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Humility & Responsibility: Lawrence Krauss Interviews Noam Chomsky

The two prominent public intellectuals talk language, science, politics

Author: Trevor Quirk/Monday, April 13, 2015/Categories: climate change, humor

Courtesy of the Origins Project Dialogue: This video's a long haul, but thoroughly worth it. It was news to me that Krauss is quite familiar with Chomsky's positions on politics, linguistics and science in general. This makes this particular interview somewhat special, free from the repetitive trappings of previous conversations Chomsky has taken part in, as Krauss is prepared with clarifying or expanding follow-ups to the questions Chomsky is often asked. Chomsky has been extensively interviewed over his lifetime, and even a mind like his can only contain a finite number of ideas.


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