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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Research helps explain Empathy and Compassion

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Monday, March 23, 2015/Categories: natural history, video, sustainability, art and design

New biological and psychological research is beginning to show the underlying basis for human empathy and compassion. A terrific video from those creative animators at the UK's Royal Academy of the Arts ( RSA ) illustrates the new findings and their potential for ourselves and the other creatures that inhabit this planet. We could use a good more of both traits nowadays.


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1 comments on article "Research helps explain Empathy and Compassion"


Reilly Capps

3/23/2015 9:33 PM

It's interesting ... I'm reading E.O. Wilson's "The Meaning of Human Existence." And it makes a similar point. He says that evolution of individuals happens at the level of the gene, but evolution of a group -- like human society -- happens at the level of the group. So that big groups like an ant colony of human societies function more like one super-organism than they do like a group of competing beings. It's an interesting notion: seeing us all as parts or organelles of a much larger organism. It makes you want to play your part to the fullest; does me, anyway.

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