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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Racing Extinction

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Sunday, February 1, 2015/Categories: wildlife conservation, video, birds, marine life, sustainability, environment, climate change

Last fall, Riled Up featured a new-media project, IllUmiNating Endangered Species , that was developed for a day of climate change action in mid-September. A new documentary film has now premiered at the  Sundance Film Festival  expanding on this earlier work. It screened to sell out audiences at the festival.

Racing Extinction ,
from the Academy Award winning producers of  The Cove , showcases the myriad threats to wildlife and natural ecosystems worldwide and discusses innovative ways to make positive changes.

          Endangered Animal Cards (credit: Racing Extinction, Photo Ark , SWP Media)

A series of photo-cards depicting endangered animals and their current populations were offered to people attending the Sundance screenings. They included: Snow Leopards (5000); Leatherhead Sea Turtles (90,000); Francois Langurs (286); Grasshopper Sparrows (150-250); and Rabb's Tree Frogs (1).

Here is the documentary's official trailer:

Racing Extinction is a "call to action", can be difficult to watch, and should be widely seen, discussed, and acted upon by schools, in company boardrooms, political congresses, and by religious organizations.


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