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Kepler's Travel Service

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Saturday, January 10, 2015/Categories: space science, art and design, humor

Finding exo-planets in the habitable zone of a foreign star where water would be a liquid has been the objective of the  Kepler spacecraft . Several candidates have been discovered and research has begun to define their native environments more precisely. While not much is known yet, that hasn't stopped those out-of-the-box engineers at CalTech and JPL from envisioning future travel to three of the exo-planet candidates. They've even created travel posters to entire paying customers to each:

1. Kepler-186f: where, If plant life does exist on Kepler-186f, photosynthesis would be influenced by the star's red-wavelength light, making for vegetation colors very different from our own green plants on Earth.

2. Super-Earth-HD 40307g:  where the planet is eight times as massive of Earth with a much stronger gravity:


3. Kepler 16b: that orbits a pair of stars producing dual shadows for anyone standing on the surface:

JPL provided no details about the travel time or the in-flight food and beverage service.


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