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Fish 2.0

Fish 2.0

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Monday, January 5, 2015/Categories: wildlife conservation, marine life, sustainability, environment

Riled Up has followed the environmental issues surrounding marine fisheries since our online inception. Mostly the story has been one of constant overfishing and abuse of a sustainable natural resource. Research associates have alerted us to a new marine project,  Fish 2.0   that aims to help connect various levels of this biological resource, fish harvesting, the commercial consumption chain, and the investment community that affects seafood supplies and demands. Their first  newsletter  for 2015 was just  released.

Sustainable Salmon Aquaculture  (credit: NRDC)

Using a unique approach, Fish 2.0 is offered a funding challenge to support sustainable fisheries:

"Fish 2.0 will launch a 2015 Seafood Business Competition in mid-January. The competition will be open to businesses that focus on wild capture fisheries, select aquaculture technologies, seafood producing aquaponics, and businesses in seafood supply chains in geographic areas of interest to the organization. Fish 2.0 continue to raise awareness of investment opportunities in the sustainable seafood sector as we prepare for the 2015 competition."

Perhaps you know a fish based business or other marine organization that should apply for a grant.



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