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It's those "Turtle People" to the rescue.....again

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Saturday, December 13, 2014/Categories: natural history, wildlife conservation, sustainability, environment

Riled Up has maintained a keen interest in those self-identified folks who are known as the "  turtle people  " . They have been called into action again to help rescue cold-stunned and stranded sea turtles along the East Coast, particularly the Cape Cod seashores.

The Massachusetts Audobon Society has issued a  sea turtle alert  warning people to be on the lookout for any stranded turtles on local beaches. The young turtles, many of which are the endangered  Kemps Ridley  , are taken to the  New England Aquarium  where they are treated until recovered from the cold waters.

     Gathered cold-stranded sea turtles  (credit:  Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary )

Cold-stunning can occur in many coastal zones from New England to the Gulf of Mexico when atypical cold water temperatures happen. Beachgoers, fisherman, and biologists  collaborate to rescue the immature turtles so they can be released back into the ocean. A video from Texas explains some of the work required to restore the turtles:

Compassion can take on many forms but it is definitely on display by all the "turtle people" here again.


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