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Conveyor Belts of Water

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Thursday, December 11, 2014/Categories: natural history, video, art and design, environment

The popular term  pineapple express  denotes a weather pattern that funnels tropical moisture from the western Pacific near Hawaii and moves it like a fast flowing river towards the west coast. California is experiencing one of these conveyor belts of water bringing much needed rains to coastal cities and agricultural valleys while dumping deep snows on the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

The Cooperative Institute of Meteorological Studies ( CIMSS ) has produced an animated visualization of satellite data gathered and updated in virtually 'real time'.   

You can view the animation live  here  . It is likely the big-data visualization is being watched very closely from LA to Seattle. Several more "conveyor belts" of consistent watering will be necessary to overcome the severe drought in California and elsewhere in the western USA.


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