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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

illUmiNating Endangered Species

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Tuesday, September 16, 2014/Categories: wildlife conservation, video, marine life, sustainability, environment

This weekend, a march will happen in New York City to focus on climate change. The People's Climate March  hopes to attract more than 100,000 folks to their demonstration in support of another UN conference on climate change. It's always difficult to measure success of such gatherings.

As The Nation magazine noted:

"Truth be told, most climate demonstrations to date have had little to show for themselves, at least in terms of transforming existing policies. With a few honorable exceptions, the world’s governments and corporations remain committed to a status quo that is driving humanity towards catastrophic, perhaps irreversible, climate chaos."

However, one of the event participants, the Oceanic Preservation Soctiey , has a new and interesting graphic approach in bringing attention to an important changing climate changing matter, ie, the fate of endangered species. The non-profit sitting between two oceans in Boulder, Colorado creates film, photography and media, tries to inspires people to save the oceans. Their film, The Cove, that depicted the slaughter of dolphins in Japan, was seen around the world and won an Academy Award as Best Documentary in 2009. The film inspired people to action and support marine conservation.

OPS has now produced illUmiNations---video projections of endangered species---that will be displayed on the outside of the UN Headquarters during the upcoming climate events.

Endangered Whale Illumination, Port of Los Angeles (credit: Oceanic Preservation Society)

A cynic might say they are just putting on a good show. A more hopeful person might look at the illuminations and take positive actions to help prevent extinction of endangered. That need never goes away no matter how many people show up to march.


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