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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Mother Nature is Our Bitch

Mother Nature is Our Bitch

Author: Reilly Capps/Monday, September 15, 2014/Categories: environment

[Ski Dubai. Photo by Ski Dubai.]

Man used to be at the mercy of nature. She stood over us, stern and foreboding, like an old school headmaster whittling her switch. We obeyed. We saw her leaves turn and started storing up corn; we felt the snow melt and started planting. If we didn't heed her, mother nature would put us down for our dirt nap. 

No more. Mother nature is our bitch. 

We don't care! Is it cold where you live? We have heat! Is it dry where you life? We have desalination plants! Would you like a little fruit in the middle of winter? Fly it up from South America! We have floated out of the cycle of cold and heat and dry and rain, like a character in a novel having a near-death experience in a hospital bed, freely floating, looking down on his old life from above. 

Maybe no phenomen better illustrates that than indoor ski slopes, like the kinds they have in Dubai, India and Brazil. Brazil is a bikini country; India is a yoga country; Dubai is a camel country. They know as much about skiing as crickets know about baking a souffle. 

And yet, and yet, and yet, they have all built monstrous, air-conditioned, energy sucking buildings that are nothing more than giant middle fingers: "Screw you, mother nature. We'll take over the climate from here." 

There are those who argue that, now that humans have assumed such total dominance over the planet, that we have already assumed the status of gods on Earth. If you look at a place like Dubai, it sure looks true. Neither Mohammed nor Jesus nor Buddha nor Haile Selassie built anything as face-slappingly divine as this ...

[Palm Island Resort in Dubai -- proof of our divinity, I believe. Photo by NASA.]

... nor built the amazing Ski Dubai, which is chronicled in this excellent short film below, our Video Pick of the Week. Clearly we have bested mother nature and become like Greek gods. Icarus, perhaps. 


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