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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

My Denials

Author: Reilly Capps/Wednesday, August 13, 2014/Categories: humor

[Take a gander at this bullshit theory up above here. Bunch a crap.]

We are rational beings; it's our advantage over other animals. So question everything! Even trendy theories!

Like: okay, yes, it's 87 degrees in my town today, and so-called scientists would have you believe they know why – they say it's because of something called “axial tilt” and "summer" and “the sun.” But Thomas Jefferson said, “Show Me the Facts!”


I am looking out my window on a very hot day but the sun cannot be seen. So how can "the sun" be causing this hot day?!?


Consider this: it's hotter in the summer than it is in the winter whether or not the sun is shining (emphasis mine). If the sun was really the cause of heat, days with sun would be warmer than days without, whether they occurred in the summer or the winter. And yet they are not. Can the “scientists” explain that? Doesn't that blow their whole sun-causes-warmth explanations out of the water?


Bible backs up my interpretation. God created the day and light, three full days before he created the sun. Day and light – and therefore hottitude and coldiness – operate independently of the sun.


Do I have all the answers for this summer heat? I do not. Perhaps the fires of hell “downstairs” have been fed butt loads of coal. The important thing is to ask questions.


And while we're on the subject of pointy-headed scientists with hare-brained theories they only come up with to get research money (greedy mugs), here is a list of the “theories” to which I do not subscribe or even peruse: gravity, evolution, the tides, the lone gunman/magic bullet, the Big Bang Theory (both the theory and the TV show), Thierry Henry and Theo Huxtable.


One “theory” I find especially unbelievable is the Møller–Plesset perturbation theory of quantum chemistry, which tries to explain the structure of microscopic systems in a stationary state by improving on the Hartree-Frock method of assuming that the N-body wave function of the system can be approximated by a single Slater determinate by adding the electron correlation of Rayleigh-Schrodinger perturbation theory. This theory is so unlikely it can kiss my butt.


If scientists are so stupid as to have us believe something as laughable as Møller–Plesset, how can we trust them on anything? 


I have also heard that scientists have manipulated the data on the sun-heat connection. They have hidden emails which contradicts them. They are greedy bastards who just want lucrative sun-heat grants.


Let us think for ourselves. Does the moon really cause eclipses? Do babies really come from mommy's belly? How do magnets work? Let us be brave. Question everything. 



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