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Turtle Cams

Turtle Cams

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Wednesday, May 30, 2018/Categories: natural history, wildlife conservation, video, marine life, sustainability, environment

Like most folks, we are big fans of turtles and their protection. An earlier Journal commentary focused on the work of the Turtle People who help rescue and recover sea turtles that might be impacted by hurricanes, unaware tourists, and other habitat nesting threats. Now, video camera gear set up in Florida allows people anywhere in the world to watch baby loggedhead turtles hatch and head into the ocean. The high-definition camera uses infrared light so not to confuse the young turtles who use moonlight to guide them into the sea.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle (credit: Wikicommons)

Video cams are a perfect example of employing digital media technology to monitor wildlife. The remotely operated cameras offer educational opportunities to help insure turtle nesting success well as conservation efforts for many other endangered wildlife species.



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