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Twitter As A Scientific Resource

Twitter As A Scientific Resource

Author: Lucas Gardner/Friday, July 25, 2014/Categories: humor

There's an abundance of scientific resources on the Internet, but you probably don't consider Twitter one of them. There's a bit of a bias against Twitter in that regard, which is unfortunate because the popular social networking site is a consistently reliable academic source.


Searching on Twitter using hashtags can summon up information on any specific area of scientific study, from informed users all over the world.

Say, for example, you're looking for news on breakthroughs in the realm of biological science. Just use the #biology hashtag:

Or say you're a student of physics. A quick search of the #physics hashtag and you're up-to-date on new developments in the field:

Or perhaps paleontology. Let's search the #dinosaurs hashtag:

This is an efficient way to find information from knowledgable minds on the web, and many scholars overlook its usefulness. My youngest son Kenvin struggles with math at school, particularly geometry and trig, and prefers digital sources to textbooks. By using the #trig and #geometry hashtags, Kenvin has found studying a lot easier: