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The Temperature of Stupid

The Temperature of Stupid

Author: Reilly Capps/Wednesday, July 9, 2014/Categories: space science, climate change, humor

There are lots of things that cause stupidity -- lack of education, brain damage, Agent Orange, rooting for the Oakland Raiders. 

But the most recent cause is opposition to climate change legislation. Hearing that the government might regulate more pollutants destroys brain cells faster than sniffing glue. 

Take Kentucky state Senator Brandon Smith. He owns a coal mining company, so he cannot have always been stupid. He is a college graduate. Pictures show that he is able to tie a necktie, though he may have had help. 

Which means that it has to be the stupidity-causing effects of proposed climate change legislation that made him say ... wait for it ... that there cannot be climate change on Earth because WE HAVE THE SAME TEMPERATURE AS MARS. Watch: 

There are a lot of things to love about this statement. From the knowing preamble -- "in academia we all agree" -- to the sarcastic finish -- "there are no coal mines on Mars" -- it is simply a master class in unbelievable idiocy.

I believe scientific studies -- which Sen. Smith, being in academia, will value -- should be conducted to find out exactly how much climate change opposition drops one's IQ. Children should sit for standardized tests before and after listening to speeches by James Inhofe. Mice should run mazes before and after being handled by Marco Rubio

Even just writing this post, I now have the impulse to bang my head repeatedly against the wall, stick my face in the toilet and flush and drink a gallon of lead paint. We in academia all agree that lead paint exists on Mars, too. 

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