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Animating Ice

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Wednesday, May 28, 2014/Categories: natural history, video, environment, climate change

What would western Greenland look like without an ice cover? A new animation produced from radar data of the ice sheet, uncovered hidden canyons that would increase the flow of melt water from Greenland into the ocean.

According to a report from JPL and the University of California, canyons under western Greenland's ocean-feeding glaciers are deeper and longer than previously thought and they will increase the amount of water contribution to sea level rise. The lead investigator, Mathieu Morlighem, said:

"The glaciers of Greenland are likely to retreat faster and farther inland than anticipated, and for much longer, according to this very different topography we have discovered.”

The results were published by Nature Geoscience.

The Greenland ice sheet contains nearly 700,000 cubic miles of ice and if it were all to melt, global sea level rise would increase nearly 25 feet. The radar exposed canyons on the western coast are well worth watching. The new results should be of interest to any number of cities, regions, and people living along the Atlantic Ocean and elsewhere.


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