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Floods & Arks

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Tuesday, May 20, 2014/Categories: natural history, photography, environment

In the children's fable, Noah built an ark to survive a flood of Biblical proportions. For the people of Serbia and Bosnia, the flood has arrived. In three days, they received a downpour from a severe storm that equaled the entire rainfall of three months.

Photograph captured by the Aqua project shows the results of the deluge. Combining visible and infrared light filters, the flood waters appear blue-black, the vegetation is bright green, and any bare ground is light brown. This is compared with the same region a year earlier.

Serbia and Bosnia Rivers, 5-18-13                   Serbia and Bosnia Rivers, 5-19-14 
(credit: Aqua )

All climate change models predict severe weather events will increase in intensity and duration as the atmosphere warms. Warmer air is able to hold more water vapor. What has just happened in this corner of southeast Europe may be one outcome of this process.

Noah's ark building handiwork may be needed once again.


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