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Mars Imagined

Author: Guest Writer/Tuesday, August 28, 2012/Categories: Uncategorized

If you have even tried imagining what Mars really looks like, the clever robots built by JPL engineers and scientists have produced a treasure trove of graphic imagery to view. The latest additions to various Mars picture albums are now starting to arrive from the Curiosity rover that successfully landed on the Red Planet this month. They’re in high definition color as well.

The first shots of Curiosity’s upland destination---5km high Mt. Sharp---look a good deal like sedimentary landscapes in southern Utah or anywhere on the Colorado Plateau.  

           2012-08-28 07.50.54          2012-08-28 08.36.18

           Mt. Sharp Geology, Mars                   Sedimentary Geology, So.

           (credit: JPL/NASA)                             (credit: Utah Tourism)

Nickolay Lamm, an amateur astronomer created a photographic panorama, to capitalize on Curiosity’s landing on Mars. It includes images from the first Soviet lander, Mars 3, to the Pathfinder and Viking landers, to the current Curiosity rover.  Lamm commented: “I wanted to show that there are incredible pictures of Mars from decades ago, not just the rover Curiosity.”

2012-08-25 16.08.50

Mars Panorama from the Mars 3 to the Curiosity Rover  (credit: Nickolay Lamm)



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