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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Jon Stewart Slams CNN's Climate Coverage

Jon Stewart Slams CNN's Climate Coverage

Author: Reilly Capps/Friday, April 25, 2014/Categories: humor

Jon Stewart, our generation's Mark Twain (if Mark Twain spent much of his energy making dick jokes), takes on CNN's lack of climate change coverage. The day the landmark IPCC report came out, CNN devoted two minutes to something that will change the world. Two minutes!

Stewart takes them down. 

What is CNN spending its time on? They have a whole show on Cameron Diaz and another with Morgan Spurlock and puppies. They spent much more time today on Mayalsia flight 370, a plane that disappeared 50 days ago. They're still asking guests if it really crashed. 

"Is there a limit at which point [searchers are] going to say, we're going to have to stop this?" Wolf Blitzer asked a guest today. Look at yourself, son!

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