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Amazing 'Selfies'

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Wednesday, April 9, 2014/Categories: Uncategorized

"Selfies", those online photos of someone taken of themselves, took on a larger meaning with the famous group shot taken by Ellen DeGeneres at the Academy Awards. The image was the most re-posted photo ever. Riled Up friend and professional photography contributor, Chris Holly, informed us of another selfie which seems even more remarkable than the gathered awards ceremony talent.

A young American musician and actor, Cameron Ernst, won a travel award to Australia and was hosted in Canberra, the capital, by Holly. While there, an opportunity developed to encounter a cheetah at the local zoo. A remarkable selfie resulted and became an emblem for the tourist board and adventure travel award Ernst had won.

Cameron Ernst and Cheetah (credit: Cameron Ernst)

For anyone thinking that the photo is some sort of composite, here's the view as seen by Ernst's host in Canberra:

Cameron Ernst and Cheetah  (credit: Chris Holly Photography)

Selfies brought a group of actors together for a global audience and they might bring new meaning to wildlife photography and provide a different of human and animal interaction also.


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