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Snow Totals

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Thursday, April 3, 2014/Categories: natural history, photography, environment

The 2013-2014 winter now coming was exceptionally dry for parts of the Western USA. Until February, the snow pack in the Sierra Nevada mountains was below 15%. A regional map has been generated by the Terra satellite showing the snow coverage totals for the Sierras, the Cascades, and the Rockies.

For most of the winter, storms steered around a stable high pressure system moving into Canada and then descending into the interior West instead of moving across the region from the coast. Montana and Wyoming received higher than normal snowfall while the Cascades and Sierras were left in water deficit. In February, several storms broke through the ridge providing the northern Cascades with more than 100 percent of their normal moisture. Snow totals in the Sierras increased to 30 to 50 percent of normal. This situation will continue drought conditions for regional rivers, farms, and cities.

Regional Western USA 2013-2014 Winter Snow Coverage  (credit: Terra)

It will be very interesting to see how all the water demands are resolved with the available supplies.



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