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Global Warming Belief Doesn't Prove Democrats are Smarter Than Republicans

Global Warming Belief Doesn't Prove Democrats are Smarter Than Republicans

Author: Reilly Capps/Monday, March 24, 2014/Categories: climate change

By Reilly Capps 

I'm not a Democrat. It's often assumed that because I write a lot about global warming, that I must be a Democrat. Also: a lot of people think I might be gay because I like theater and a redneck because I occasionally shoot guns. I'm not. Theater is good. Guns are fun. Global warming is real. Those ideas stand alone. They're not connected in any way. 

So it's frustrating to see global warming tied to the Democrats, and to liberals generally. Liberals are annoying. They want you to call people cisgendered, they want helmet laws that make me itch, gun laws folks don't like where I live. They won't just let people live their lives the way they want. They want more Clinton years. 

You know what's really annoying about liberals? They're just as stupid as the conservatives, while thinking themselves smarter. One example of this is "genetically modified organisms." Liberals are very interested in this topic. They have heard these words, because they read. They know that legislation exists to label them. They believe that that legislation should passWhy would someone try to do something about these GMO's if they weren't bad? -- they think -- Mustn't we do something to SAVE THE CHILDREN! 

Liberals get to pat themselves on the back for a number of things in this scenario: knowing things, being able to pronounce complex words, being on the "right" side of a ballot initiative. And they get to do all these things while being completely wrong.

You know what conservatives call genetically modified food? 


It is food. The phrase "genetically modified" doesn't mean much in terms of health, safety, or environmental friendliness. It means as much as "macrobiotic" or "thetans." Or take the concept of "toxins." All over American, right now, liberals (mostly liberals) are engaging in cleanses that seem right out of Jackass (lemon juice and cayenne pepper, anyone?). These "cleanses" are supposed to reduce "toxins." But this is science fiction, and "toxins" are bugbears made up to frighten children and horrify their parents. 

In other words, liberals are nearly as stupid as conservatives, factually speaking, in terms of the way the world works, vis a vis not being morons. 

Some have recently argued that we need to take politics out of the global warming debate, but even they struggle to do so without quietly arguing for their own side. It's like saying, "Guys, we just need to put aside our differences and work together because we all know I am right." 

Can't we just have a party that believes in reality? Not getting power or taking power and not getting money or making more money but just ... reality? The reality that things are what they seem, that a world that feels hotter and everyone says is hotter is actually getting hotter? 

And maybe a party with a little bit of decency? 

Decency -- if decency means anything -- it means not ruining things for other people. Carbon dioxide is going to rain on a lot of parades. That's the reality. Not caring about that -- that's a jerk move. No party ought to stand behind that. 

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