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A Bad Attitude

A Bad Attitude

Author: Reilly Capps/Monday, February 24, 2014/Categories: humor

By Reilly Capps 

If physical violence is always wrong -- and it is -- then why does it sometimes feel so good?

Buzz Aldrin is one of the greatest Americans of all time not only because he was the second man to walk on the moon but because he is not afraid to punch a guy. 

At the age of 72, Aldrin clocked a real-life troll who said Aldrin lied about walking on the moon. (I've fast-forwarded to the money shot -- the whole thing is too painful to watch -- but you can rewind the video if you want to see the whole stupid interaction, although it will just make you want to punch yourself in the face.)

I am unhealthily and unhelpfully reminded of this right cross every time I talk to a serious climate change denialist (which is one in four Americans). How and why can people be so willfully stupid? Can there be this much lead in the drinking water? Were this many babies dropped on their heads?

I am not alone, apparently. The New York Times yesterday published a cartoon in which it suggested that icicles from the cold winter be used to stab climate deniers through the heart. I would add, along with the repeated assertion that violence is always wrong, that this is just a joke, and that climate deniers should not be stabbed with icicles, they should die slowly over the next several centuries due to excessive heat and drought, right along with the rest of us.

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2/24/2014 10:21 AM

I also like this video of a hammer and feather dropped on the moon at the same just because it's cool

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