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Author: Reilly Capps/Wednesday, February 12, 2014/Categories: photography, humor

By Reilly Capps 

LAS VEGAS -- Nobody cares about anything but screens. Screens in the morning, screens in the evening, screens around suppertime.

Buildings aren't buildings anymore -- they're delivery systems for screens. In the new terminal 3 at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, there is no piece of information so banal that it cannot be delivered via giant flat-screen. Why would you hang a banner for "United" when you can blast it out over 20 plasmas? 

Screens in your glasses, screens on your watches, screens in your eyeballs (soon). Screens on your airplanes, screens on your motorcycle, screens in line at the druggist. Screens in the stadiums, screens in the cinemas, screens in the opera house (natch). The new Aria hotel and casino on the strip boasts a flat screen bigger than your inevitable Vegas mistakes. 

Screens on the walls, screens on the ceilings, screens never on the floor. Picture in picture was an innovation once -- now the whole world is a picture in a picture in a picture in a picture.
Cars aren't cars anymore -- they're delivery systems for screens. At the Consumer Electronics Show here last month, GM announced that all its cars would become mobile WiFi hot spots -- rolling Starbucks. 

This ain't a complaint -- screens are good things. People are better at everything now, now that they can find instructions on any screen. Don't know how to make a quiche? Jump rope? Fix your spark plugs? Pull it up on the screen. 

Screens have all these possibilities, all these uses. Why would you look at anything but a screen? The rest of the world fades when there's a screen in the vicinity. Reality cannot keep up with the representation of reality on a screen. The simulacra have superseded the real. 


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