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You Light Up My Life

You Light Up My Life

Author: Reilly Capps/Friday, January 10, 2014/Categories: humor

If you want to be knowing 
Why fishies be glowing 
Way down in the deep o' the sea, 
Read a sterling new study
About life where it's muddy ...
Or else you can listen to me. 

Let's start with a word
that I'd never heard;
And that word is biofluorescence.
You know that "bio" means "life." 
And in the seas, in the night,
Bright fishies are near omnipresent.  
Fluorescents do not give off light,
Although it appears so at night
(Say all of these super-bright scientists).
They are merely reflecting 
In fact, redirecting,
Light that was once ultraviolet. 

Am I making sense? 
Are you still on the fence? 
About whether florescents are cool? 
Point is: it's amazing!
All those colors are crazy!
In the deep end of Earth's biggest pools

And no one knew quite why
there were colors so bright, why
fish used elaborate costumes. 
But smart folks theorized
that when fish use their eyes
those colors function like perfumes.

They attract other mates -- 
get them oodles of dates -- 
They make it so fishies can screw. 
Ain't that why creatures do
all the things that they do, 
whether fishies, or monkeys, or you? 

-- Sir Reilly Capps, poet laureate of salt-water fish tanks and beer

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