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They "Thought It Was Impossible" For Supernova to Be This Big

They "Thought It Was Impossible" For Supernova to Be This Big

Author: Reilly Capps/Monday, December 30, 2013/Categories: space science

.... it's hundreds of times brighter than a typical supernova, a nuclear bomb compared to a grenade. 

The energies involved are "mind-bogglingly large," said one of the lead scientists on the team that found it. 

Let this description blow your mind: 

"The new study finds that the supernovae are likely powered by the creation of a magnetar, an extraordinarily magnetized neutron star spinning hundreds of times per second. Magnetars have the mass of the sun packed into a star the size of a city and have magnetic fields a hundred trillion times that of the Earth."

We're talking about something out there in the universe that will not only literally blow your mind, and would suck in metal spoons from billions of miles away, it figuratively blew scientists' minds, as they had to come up with a whole new theoretical framework to account for energies this big. 

Looking at these super supernovas means looking into the past. This one happened 10 billion years ago. They tend not to happen as much anymore. They are thought to happen mostly in early galaxies, where fewer heavy elements had formed, and the galaxies are more dominated by the light elements of hydrogen and helium. 

The universe, like many of us, was lighter and brighter when it was young. 

-- Reilly Capps 


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