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No More Deniers on Reddit

No More Deniers on Reddit

Author: Reilly Capps/Saturday, December 21, 2013/Categories: climate change

The moderators on the science section of Reddit have started deleting posts that are blatantly unscientific. The biggest effect is that there are no more climate deniers on the site. 

In a fascinating post on Grist, one of the moderators for the science section, Nathan Allen, explained that they have been taking down posts that do not refer to peer-reviewed scientific papers. And it's impossible to make a convincing case against climate change using scientific papers. 

The result, Allen says, is a more interesting, more nuanced section, in which people do not deliberately try to mislead each other or skew data or make political arguments. 

Allen asks that newspaper editorial pages do the same. And if TV and radio followed suit? The debate would come back to reality in a second. 

-- Reilly Capps 

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