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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Nowhere Crazier than the Comments Section

Author: Reilly Capps/Wednesday, December 11, 2013/Categories: climate change

If you are looking to depress yourself, one surefire way is to read the comments under any story mentioning climate change.

It's not just that the deniers deny, or how rock solid sure they are, it's how angry they are. Judging by the vitriol, you would have thought that scientists around the world, using precise temperature gauges, had come to the conclusion that the world was warming because of their mom's stinky farts.

Under this (admittedly over-the-top) video, in which Santa cancels Christmas because there's not enough ice at the North Pole ... 

... here are a few depressing comments. 

Global warming jackoffs

Fuck you Santa, I'm freezing my ass off up here in Canada.

this fake lying santa is a piece of shit.

One guy suggests cutting up Al Gore -- he calls him Al Bore -- and feeding him to the polar bears.

But that's tame compared to the comments on the articles on the Daily Caller about climate change. The depressing thing here there is the uniformity of the comments: comment after comment asserts that global warming is a religion, and that believers are just out to make money and to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor. 

Here are some comments under a story that predicts massive cooling in the coming century

Your religion been proven to be a cult ? The koolaide that you in the tin foil crowd are trying to push has run out of suckers. 

Any "scientist" who says that AGW is real is bought and paid for by the communist psychopaths who are trying to rule the world.

Do you give Gore sexual favors too? 

Ok, that one made me laugh. Thank you crazy commenter. Keep that crazy coming. 

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